Monday, August 17, 2009

15 Cave Myths

The following are commonly believed, but not true.

  1. Cavemen co-existed with dinosaurs.

  2. Caveman not talk good.

  3. Cavemen beat women over the head with clubs and drag them home by the hair.

  4. Cavemen are grumpy.

  5. Cavemen are ugly.

  6. Cavemen are dirty and unkempt.

  7. Cave life is poverty.

  8. Cavemen are technologically backward.

  9. Art, culture, and good manners were invented by civilized people.

  10. Compare with the civilized, cavemen are ignorant.

  11. Cavemen's lives are warlike and back-stabbing.

  12. Cavemen are brutes.

  13. Cavemen don't live very long.

  14. Cave life is constant toil.

  15. Cavemen are stupid.

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